Solenoid operated cartridge type directional control valve.

Sliding spool construction.

Wet pin solenoids ensure better heat dissipation, quieter operation, there by increasing solenoid life.

Moulded solenoid coils eliminate moisture problems and ingress of dust.

Plug-in-coils for ease of maintenance.

Indicator lights are a standard feature.

Solenoid operated cartridge type directional control valve.

Unit Dimensions


Technical Specifications
Construction Screw in Cartridge, Spool Type
Mounting Position Optional.
Operating Pressure 210 bar.
Nominal flow handling capacity 20 lpm.
Flow direction Refer spool chart.
Hydraulic medium Mineral oil.

Viscosity range

10 to 380 cSt.
Working temperature range -20 C to +70 C.

Fluid cleanliness requirement

As per ISo code 16/13 or better.
Weight 0.65 kg. APPROX.
D.C.Voltage 12 V, 24 V.
A.C.Voltage 110 V-50 Hz, 220 V-50 Hz.
Power requirement 30 W.
Electrical connection As per DIN 43650.
Duty cycle Continuous.
Switching time (ON)
40 ms.
30 ms.
Max. ambient temperature 50 C.
Max. coil temperature 100 C
Max. switching frequency 15000/hr
Protection IP 65

Note  :  AC solenoid coil is basically a DC coil with built-in rectifier.

Ordering Informations

Service Port
Cartridge Directional valve Solenoid operated CDE
Size  06
Spool type refer hydraulic symbol
Coil voltage
Design Code Subject to change.
Installation dimension remain same
for design code 01 thru 09

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