Spare Parts

Part No. Description Qty.
1 Front Cover 1
2 CAM 1
3 Grub Screw 1
4 Pin 1
5 Spring dowel 1
6 Hand knob 1
7 Hand lever 1
8 Detent bush 2
9 Body 1
Part No. Description Qty.
10 Spool 1
11 Label 1
12 Cap screw 8
13 Spring 2
14 Steel ball 2
15 Rear cover 1
16 Spacer bush 1
17 Spring 2
18 Spring pad 2
Part No. Description / Material Qty Size 
* 19 O' Ring ( Nitrile ) 2 34 x 3
* 20 O' Ring ( Nitrile )  5 12 x 2
* 21 Hydraulic seal ( Nitrile ) 2 12 x 20 x 5.5


Note : * Recommended seal kit. 
            While ordering the individual spares / seal kit, give part no. and complete details of model code
         as on the label / body.

Maintenance Manual


Operation and Maintenance Instructions :

Polyhydron make Directional Control Valves are reliable hence require very little attention from user. However it is necessary that following points must be kept in mind while storage, operation, commissioning and maintenance.

Storage :

During storage take care that this valve is properly covered and well lubricated. This will prevent ingress of dust and dirt in working mechanism and during commissioning it will be easy to install the same.

Operation :

The basic function of these valves is to direct flow from the inlet or pressure port to either of the two outlet ports.

The directional Control Valve consists of a body with internal flow passages which are connected and disconnected by a movable spool. This action results in the control of fluid direction. Various valve configurations are utilised depending on the components to be controlled and the control actions or positions desired.

These valves can be actuated either by manual, mechanical, hydraulic or combination of electrical and hydraulic means.

Directional control valves with built-in microswitch give an indication in the form of electrical signal when operated from it’s neutral position. This indication can be used for variety of operations

Commissioning :

During commissioning, the directional control valve does not need any special attention. But following points are to be kept in mind:

Inlet line is to be connected to port P and ports A and B are the system ports.

See whether the proper O' rings are used or not.

Cap screws and the corresponding tightening torque should be as mentioned in the data sheet.

Maintenance :

The directional control valve does not need any major attention, but to ensure its efficient working and long life of the valve it is necessary that the following points kept in mind:

The oil must be of prime quality and clean as per ISO code 16/13.

Care should be taken that the oil should be periodically changed. The use of Contaminated oil may cause the wear and tear of the spool & body. This results in increased leakage.

The O' rings at the port openings must be checked periodically.

The oil temperature must be within the specified range i.e. -20 C to +70 C.


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