Spare Parts

Sl.No. Description Qty.
1 Cap Screw 8
2 O' Ring 2
3 Spring 2
4 Orifice Pad 2
5 Orifice Disc 2
6 Spool 1
7 O' Ring 4
8 Backup Ring 4
9 Body 1
10 Sleeve 2


Maintenance Manual

Operation and Maintenance Instructions :

Flow Divider valves are quite reliable and hence require very little attention from the user provided the valve is operated within the specified conditions. However following are the guide lines while storage, operation, commissioning and maintenance.

Storage :

For storage see that the valves internal parts are smeared with oil. Also plug all the ports, this will prevent the ingress of dust and dirt in working mechanism of the valve and it will be easy to install the same.

Operation :

This is a pressure compensated non adjustable valve which divides the flow in the ratio 50:50 regardless of changes in system load or pressure within 5% accuracy.

The valve works on sliding spool mechanism. When the pressure or load on outlet port P1 (or P2) increases, more oil flows at port P2 ( or P1).This increased pressure on one of the port causes the spool to move towards the other low pressure port, thereby throttling the flow and maintaining the flows equal.

Commissioning :

The valve is of threaded port connections. Port P is connected to the source flow which needs to be divided. The outlet ports P1 and P2 either be connected to two actuators, hydraulic motors or to two complete different systems are per the application.

Maintenance :

The flow divider valve does not need any major attention, but to ensure its efficient working and long life it is necessary that following points be kept in mind.

The oil must be of prime quality and clean as per ISO code 16/13.

The oil must be periodically changed. Use of contaminated oil may cause faster spool wear leading to reduced life.

The oil temperature be within specified range i.e. -20 C to +70 C. High temperature may result in malfunction of the valve.


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