Spare Parts

Sl.No. Description Qty.
1 End Plug 2
* 2 O' Ring (Nitrile) 2
3 Seat 2
* 4 O' Ring (Nitrile) 2
5 Piston 1
6 Body 1
7 Spring 2
8 Poppet 2
* 9 O' Ring (Nitrile) 4
10 Label 1
11 Stopper 1

Note : * Recommended Spares
While ordering the spares give complete details of Model Code punched on the valve body.

Maintenance Manual

MODEL : CIM (Size 06)

Operation and Maintenance Instructions :

Polyhydron make Double pilot operated check valves are reliable hence require very little attention from user. However it is necessary that following points must be kept in mind while storage, operation, commissioning and maintenance.

Storage :

During storage take care that this valve is properly covered and well lubricated. This will prevent ingress of dust and dirt in working mechanism and during commissioning it will be easy to install the same.

Operation :

A double pilot operated check valve sandwich is available for mounting between the directional control and it’s subplate.

The valve housing incorporates two check valve assemblies with a single pilot piston common to both

When the directional control is shifted into a position which causes the actuator to advance or retract, pump flow is directed to either the A1 or B1 port of the valve. At the same time it connects the opposite side of pilot piston to tank.

The pump flow over one of the check valve poppets establishes a flow path to the actuator, while at the same time it exposes pressure to the full area of the pilot piston. When sufficient pilot pressure is achieved, the other poppet is piloted open, and the actuator motion begins.

The built-in two stage poppet serves to allow for smoother acceleration of the actuator during opening of the check valve poppet.

These valves are also available in threaded mounting style in NG 10 size only.

Commissioning :

During commissioning, the Double pilot operated check valve does not need any special attention. But following points are to be kept in mind:

While commissioning the valve care should be taken that the valve is mounted according to the symbol to achieve the required function.

See whether the proper O' rings are used or not.

Cap screws and the corresponding tightening torque should be as mentioned in the data sheet.

Maintenance :

The Double pilot operated check valve does not need any major attention, but to ensure its efficient working and long life of the valve it is necessary that the following points kept in mind:

The oil must be of prime quality and clean as per ISO code 16/13.

Care should be taken that the oil should be periodically changed. The use of Contaminated oil may cause wear of the piston and seat which leads to leakage.

The O' rings at the port openings must be checked periodically.

The oil temperature must be within the specified range i.e. -20 C to +70 C.


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